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Creando Sabores - Social recipes site

Creando Sabores was a social cooking club where users could create, see, and share recipes.

Built with KeystoneJS framework as the backend and a custom framework as the frontend where recipes and menus contents are editable in a wysiwyg style inspired by Medium.

The server was a cluster of CoreOS machines, managed by etcd, running docker containers with Nginx, Node.js, ElasticSearch and MongoDB.

Featured on Awwwards.

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo6 r1 540 Home page detail: header, search bar and grid

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo1 r1 1280 Homepage

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo2 r1 1280 Recipe editor with help tooltips

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo3 r1 1280 Recipe editor with contentEditable

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo7 r1 1280

tumblr nip41fO2Vd1r6ew0bo5 r1 1280 Profile page in edit mode