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Proticketing by Onebox - Ticket Ecommerce

Ticketing services. Front end development, seat selection with vectorial venues (SVG). Full support from Internet Explorer 8 to the most modern tablets and smartphones.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo6 1280 Seat selection with price filter, price zones legend and SVG map.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo8 r1 500 Responsive design.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo9 1280 Seat selection.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo1 1280 Promotions based on selected seats. Shopping cart with seats and price breakdown.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo2 1280 Order options and personal info form with validation.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo5 r1 1280 Some design & UX mockups.

Zoom and seat selection on the SVG map.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo3 r1 1280 Multi-channel customization for the same event.

tumblr mjk7auGJtw1r6ew0bo4 r1 1280 SVG map navigation.

Proticketing is the multi-channel and multi-event ticket sale portal of the innovative ticket sale and distribution system Onebox.

Onebox Ticket Management is a company that develops technology for selling shows and leisure activities.