Full stack Web Developer
Stack: jQuery, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

Realtime link crawler. Service to discover new and cool websites via an iPhone app, browser extensions, (defunct, Firefox) Ubiquity script, and more. Full stack development, server management.

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SEO Reporting Tool

Full stack Web Developer (Internal project)
Stack: JavaScript, PHP, MariaDB

Web analysing tool for Search Engine Optimisations. Full stack development.

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Anjoca World Cup

Full stack Web Developer (Elogia)
Stack: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

Nautical sports event site. Custom back end and control panel to create, edit, and publish news and rankings.

Open live project


Full stack Web Developer
Stack: PHP,, JavaScript

SEO word clouds analyser.

ZenServ, AlmaceNor

Full stack Web Developer
Stack: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ruby, JavaScript

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in Ruby on Rails. Stock, employees, logistics, etc. Studies final project, rated A+.

SDF Vigo

Web Developer (Freelance)
Stack: JavaScript

Corporate site, catalog of services. Static html.