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Evesoft Reader

Access Control App. Cross-platform mobile application to securely control physical access by validating credentials via QR, etc.

BrocPaint by MrBroc

Vectorial painting tool aimed to children. Front end development. React, Redux, and d3.

Back office management, MrBroc

Logistics, stock, management panel. Front end development in React + Redux with Material UI.

BrocStudio by MrBroc

Product design and personalisation webapp. Fast checkout ecommerce. Front end development. React + Redux.


Surveying platform. React, Redux, Cordova on the front end. Custom back end with Play Framework. Full stack development, DevOps, servers management.

Industrial simulator, Fundivisa

Industrial process simulator, it behaves like a mix between SimCity and Final Cut. Full stack development.


mHealth integral solution, full customisation. Full stack development, DevOps, servers management.


mHealth integral solution. Live chat, video streaming, live patient file. A dashboard for professionals, a mobile application for users. Full stack development, DevOps, servers management.


Android game for children. Android development. Solo project.

Creando Sabores - Social recipes site

Social recipes site. Full stack development. Custom wysiwyg edition framework. Full stack development, DevOps, servers management.

Kulbik Dance Company

Dance company website. Full stack development.

Proticketing by Onebox - Ticket Ecommerce

Ticketing services. Front end development, seat selection with vectorial venues (SVG) compatible with IE8.

The Pinkertones Instagram feed wall

Live photo gallery. Full stack development.

NY Daily News - Olapic integration

Photo gallery integration. Full widget development to show and share photos.